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I received my blue 1820's dress and could not be more thrilled!!! It is perfect in every single way! I love how carefully and lovingly it'sconstructed, with such thoughtful attention to all the little details. I have never owned such a beautiful and well-made dress before!!!!!

And it fits me perfectly!!! I could not be happier! Thank you so very much!

~Deborah in Grass Valley, CA

I wanted to let you know that the suit fits beautifully and I have gotten so many compliments on it. You really are incredible!~Victoria, Louisville, KY

I got the wedding clothes Saturday, and I have one word: exquisite. Your skill and beautiful hand details, and above all your taste are impeccable. Thank you. I couldn't be happier.

~Ainsley, Brooklyn, NY

Welcome to Lavender's Green Historic Clothing ... Your 19th-Century Dressmaker!

Lavender's Green creates authentic reproduction clothing and accessories for various vintage styles from 1776 to 1945. We can costume for events that include Colonial, Regency, Victorian, Civil War, Pioneer, Old West, Gold Rush, Arts and Crafts, Edwardian, early Automobile, Roaring Twenties, the Depression, and World War II.

Kay & Suzannah in Albany

We offer a printed catalog of basic styles which you can order in your choice of fabrics. Or, we will be happy to custom design something to your specifications.

Our historic fashions are inspired by solid research and a genuine appreciation for the art of clothing. We pride ourselves in putting great thought, care, and experience into everything we do.

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