Programs and Consulting

Settlemeier TeaAll programs are created and provided by Lavender's Green owner, designer and fashion historian Kay Demlow.

Travel expenses are additional, and not included in quoted fees.

“Dress in a Day”— $300

In this workshop, my associate and I will demonstrate how to cut out, sew, fit and finish a basic 19th century work dress. I will provide the pattern, appropriate for your time period, plus the fabric, notions and sewing machine. You provide the workspace.

The program is six hours long, with two short breaks. Plan to add a half hour or hour for lunch. At the end of the day, the audience will have seen helpful tips and techniques for authentic 19th century dress construction. Each participant will receive a basic bodice pattern and a handout so that she can start work on her own day dress suitable for your site.

Fashion Talk — $100

This is a one hour presentation covering evolution of 19th and early 20th century clothing styles, illustrated with samples and/or Power Point presentation, while I am costumed appropriately for the theme and era of your event. Recent program titles include “On the Cusp of Change: Turn of the Century Fashion,” “Pioneer Clothing,” and “From the Skin Out: What They Were Wearing Underneath.” I can adapt one of these programs to your site, or we can create a new one based on your time period and interests.

Fashion Talk with model — $150

In addition to a fashion talk as described above, I will bring a model who will wear several styles for your audience.

Fashion Shows — $500 and up

Lavender’s Green offers fashion shows starting with a one-and-a-half hour presentation of vintage and replica fashions worn by our models. I will work with you to provide appropriate clothing for your theme. You provide the space, plus a dressing room and restroom for the models. Some possible fashion show themes are “The Pleasure of Your Company” and “Fashion: Plain and Fancy."

Also, Lavender's Green can create a program specifically for your unique audience and will work with you to create an event that best suits your requirements. Costs for custom presentations start at $500 and up depending on the time frame, number of costume changes, and overall scope of work.

Fitting/Consulting Fees

The first fitting or consultation of ½ hour or less is free. The second and all later fittings on the same project are $25 per hour. If I travel to your house or historic site, it will be the hourly rate plus travel time.

Lavender's Green Catalog

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